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Great Race
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"Brink RaceCraft is the Greatest."
Tom McRae
"Everything Worked."
Bill Hielscher Hits 164.85 mph
From the vast salt flats of Utah to a coast-to-coast race across America, Specialty Racing has its own unique challenges.
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"We did it again."
Lee Sicilio Sets Record
Old time mechanics and new age technology are just one aspect of the unique requirements in a Great Race machine such as Tom McRae's 1937 Buick Indy Racer.
Brink RaceCraft brings its own special talents to Bonneville racing icons Lee Sicilio's record-setting Dodge Daytona, and Bill Hielscher's world-record holding Corvette.
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McRae's Indy Racer Sicilio's Daytona Heilscher's Bonneville Vette