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Brink RaceCraft specializes in custom chassis building and running gear installation. BRC fabricates and installs chassis, suspension and driveline components, aluminum interiors, narrowed housings, wings, Lexan© windows, and plumbing.
Brink/Staple's '61
Modified Production Vette
NHRA Trophy for Engineering
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Mike Brink's involvement with NHRA Championship drag racing dates back to 1975 and the ultra-competitive ranks of Modified Production classes. "Building and driving your own race car teaches you things that you can't learn from the grandstands." Before he knew it, Mike was spending more time working on other people's cars, then building cars until it evolved into a full-time business in 1985.
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Bending Tube Working with Customer Installing Dzus Fasteners Die Grinding TIG Welding NHRA Trophy Brink/Staple's Vette Installing Dzus Fasteners Installing Dzus Fasteners Installing Dzus Fasteners Installing Dzus Fasteners NHRA Trophy